Flying Cow

Some years ago a chinese fishing ship sank in the chinese sea, it was a bright, sunny day with almost no wind and no more ships around than usually and all of the crewmen were experienced and had worked together for years and years….

Now, one of the sailors where saved. But for a long while nobody could figure out what happened to the ship. The onlythey could make the sailor say was something about a flying…Naturally most people thought he was in shock.

But it turned out he was right. On the tragic day of the sinking, some Russian army personel had stolen a cow from some farmers on a little south Chinese island where they had their airbase. They had shoved the cow into their cargo plane bound for Russia and taken off. Happy and convinced that they should make a good profit off the cow. Cows, however, are entirely special beings. Beings not at all suited for airtravel. And so the cow started to act up in the now high airborn plane. In fact it acted up so much that the pilots decided to get rid of the cow to ensure their continued saftety.

The concluding step to this decision was to open the freight doors and shove the cow out. Over the Suoth Chinese sea.

The sailors saw a plane dumpings something into midair. They observed the little dot growing bigger for a couple of seconds before the cow plummeted through their deck, effectively sinking their ship…

I wonder if cows can scream…..? If they can, these sailors should be likely candidates to have heard it. Briefly