funny cat stories 008

‘m not too worried about turning into an old maid who has like 20 cats, but I do talk to the two we have sometimes when I’m home alone. Riley is especially affectionate and follows me around like a little tiger cub. He doesn’t seem to have much of an aversion to water, like many cats. Because the bathroom has no ventilation for the steam, I usually leave the door open a crack when I shower. Often, Riley comes and sits on the sink and pokes his head in the shower. He also has a habit of sitting in the sink while I’m brushing my teeth and getting wet. In the summer, he likes me to rub him down with an ice cube until he’s nice and cool and rolling around on his back.

Anyway, so yesterday I’m in the shower and I saw movement along the shower curtain at the opposite end from the sink. It’s an old porcelain bathtub with the feet, so it’s too high up and thin edged for the cats to perch. I assumed it was the wind until I saw a shadow along the curtain. I jumped and nearly slipped, when I saw it was Riley. I scared him by being scared myself and the poor thing got stuck with his front paws in the bathtub and his back paws dangling off the floor of the bathroom. He tried to paw himself up but the tub was wet and slippery. So here’s the poor thing hanging over the tub by his stomach, wriggling to get unhooked. I tried to help him, which only scared him more. You know how cats always have it together, so if they get spooked, they really go nuts. I was trying so hard not to laugh, and help him out. After he got himself unstuck, he went and hid for a couple hours. I really don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in a long time.