funny cat stories 009

Originally we only wanted one cat to catch the mice, but that was not good enough, as we are away frequently the cat would have been lonely.

Therefore we got two cats.

Then suddenly there was another one, a kitten, how sweet.

This one had babies far too early, but that’s how it goes.

One of the kitten died, a little tomcat survived, and he does now insist on using the white settee… Not quite welcome, we also have three easy chairs with white upholstery, but

cats and kitten are soooo sweet …

The tomcat’s favourite pastime is to either annoy the female cats or, if they hit out at him do the same to the human beings.

For example he will attack the rugs, hitting them with his tail, bite into them, climb underneath, best is to press it into waves.

Why does he attack the rugs? So that we will fall over, that’s why!

He has also been seen sliding as if on ice-skates in the cold frying pan. Very funny, but now the pan is finished with, broke.

That’s cats for you!

Sometimes they are getting a bit too much for me, then I get the Hoover out, and everyone of them shoots out of my way.

Ha, ha, ha !