funny college stories 036

“Read chapter six, and do the questions at the end,” instructed Mr. Walker, my chemistry teacher, snapping his textbook shut as the bell signaled the end of class. “Oh, one more thing: I’ll be gone tomorrow, and I’m going to ask Mrs. Blakeney to be my substitute.”

The rest of the class cheered. I cringed.

“Mrs. Blakeney” is my mom. And she’d been subbing at my school an awful lot lately. Lucky me.

I gathered up my books and tried to become invisible. My mom was making my life a misery. It’s not that I didn’t love her; it’s just that she’s, well, a little strange.

My best friend Rachel didn’t give me much time to stew over it, though.

“Come on, Heather!” she called, waiting impatiently for me at the door.