funny computer stories 172

In the late 1980s in Finland, my mother was a system administrator for a company. In those times hard drives were small, and backups were made with PC Tools (version 4 or 5 at the time) which could be done using less than ten 3 1/2″ disks for all the most important directories.

One day my mother asked the president of the company if he had done his monthly backup of his computer data. He said he had, and he’d even been able to improve the backup process. He had discovered he didn’t have to change disks if he just answered ‘yes’ to all the “Is it ok to overwrite this floppy disk?” prompts. He was overwriting backup disk #1 with the data for backup disk #2, then overwriting that with the data for backup disk #3, and so on. My mother was still laughing when she called to tell me the story.