funny dog stories 011

It is a strict Llewellyn rule: “Never, Never leave your car running with a dog alone in the car.”

Although our dogs are obedient, sometimes our officers take a shortcut …. the officer was just hopping out to open a gate, she would only be gone for a few seconds, so she ignored the rule.

The dog jumped into the front seat, and while straining to see where his handler had gone, struck the gear shift, and dropped it into forward gear! His other paw struck the “spoke” of the steering wheel and cramped it hard right.

The car took off in slow circles. Fortunately, the car was on a large, empty parking lot (it was the middle of the night.), so as long as the dog didn’t steer elsewhere, there was no immediate danger. For what seemed forever, the car merrily toured the lot, with the security guard trying to catch up.

Eventually, to add to our embarrassment, a police cruiser happened by, and one of the officers (who was obviously a sprinter), managed to catch up, reach in and switch off the runaway car. The officer was suspended. The canine car-jacker was let off with a warning!