funny dog stories 013

It was a week before Christmas, and all the decorations were lovingly placed around the house. The tree was richly adorned with lights, sparkling balls, and tinsel. … All was perfect.

I arrived home from work and was met at the gate by the kennel manager, who said, “oh, you’re home”, and promptly disappeared. A little surprised at his unusual welcome, I entered the house and stopped abruptly in shock and astonishment at the sight before me.

First – the tree (or what was left of it): There were hardly any branches left on the tree. Up to a height of about 4 feet from the base, there was just a bare trunk

Above that, just a few sad, bare branches, drooping towards the floor. Ah, the floor. The rug was covered with broken decorations, bits of glass, pieces of garland and tinsel, broken lights, and bare cords. And – my blue rug was now white! White? What was that stuff ground into the carpet? Looking closely, I saw a mixture of flour, sugar, powdered milk, and …. what was this?…. oh, yes, oatmeal. Not only was it ground in, it was also wet. The trail led into the kitchen where I spotted stuff spilling out of open cupboard doors and several torn-apart bags lying on the floor in the midst of the mess.

Suddenly, the vision of a Disney movie where bear cubs got loose in a cabin and created havoc sprang into my mind, and I began to laugh. The door opened behind me, the kennel manager sheepishly poked his head in, and said “Oh, you’re laughing?”. He then explained how somehow a group of 4-month old puppies got loose and into the house. The more he talked the harder I laughed, as I pictured the fun they obviously had. Boy, I bet they enjoyed themselves!