funny dog stories 015

The kennel staff neglected to tell a security officer that the dog he was assigned was a “talker”.

When she wanted to get your attention, or wanted you to play, she would tell you so by going “woof, growl, woof”, and gnash her teeth. The more excited, the louder she “talked”, and the more teeth she displayed.

The assignment was in a forested area, where the officer spied a tree laden with apples. When the officer reached for an apple, the dog, thinking he was about to throw a ball, went into her act.

“SNAP! WOOF! GNASH!” she growled, staring right into the Guard?s eyes.

She was saying “yea!, yea! Throw the ball”; but the officer translated that into “Move and I?ll kill you!”, so he froze; on tip toes, hand on the apple, quietly trying to calm the dog. Each time he moved, the dog would woof and snap. The officer claimed he was in this “Statue of Liberty” position for hours, until finally the dog decided he wasn?t going to throw the ball, so she laid down and went to sleep.