funny drunk stories 109

Major Drunk

I was working in Dundurn Saskatchewan and a friend and myself were to meet a couple more people at a club in Saskatoon. We arrived early and happened to sit in the middle of two waitresses’ turf so they were both bringing us drinks – double rum and coke. Also the shooter girl was paying regular visits. All went well until 2 doubles and a shooter hit the table at once. Naturally we downed the works. After that things were very fuzzy. A lot more drinking occurred though in the same fashion (shooting what ever landed on the table), to the point that I was cut off. The barmaid brought over coffee, which I promptly shot back to everyone’s shock (apparently it should have hurt). That was it for the coffee.

Closing time mercifully rolled around and my buddy dragged me off to a hotel. “I’m off to get some ladies!” he said – which I took to mean the two girls that put up with us for most of the night. No more memory after that for about two hours, but I am told that he brought back two “ladies” who were disgusted by the state of the puke all over the room. He “entertained” them both as I could not be roused, me passed out beside them, and returned them to where he found them. When he returned he struck my foot and I shot straight up. I cursed the guys we were waiting for and broke my knuckle on the mirror. We grabbed a cab back to the army base, borrowed money from the military police to pay for it, threw one of the guys we were to meet at the club around the bathroom for a bit, went to get my hand looked at, watched movies for a while because the medic did not know how she should treat it, had a night cap at 5 in the morning and went to bed. First time I ever LOST time when on the booze, but not the last. All in all a good night.