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The Trolley Lama

A friend of ours, Lloyd, was getting married a few years ago and it was our duty to throw him a stag party. We started off with some pool, an hour or so at a Sports Bar and the rest of the night we spent at a strip club. All the while the beer was flowing like a river. Add a few shots of Jack Daniels, some vodka and Lloyd was polluted. We booked a room at a hotel near the strip club for us to crash rather than try and get home afterwards.

So about 4 in the morning when everything was closed and there was nowhere else left to drink we made our way to the hotel. By this point we carrying Lloyd around, he couldn’t walk. The thing about Lloyd is he was about 6 foot 3 and a good 230 pounds. By the time we reached the hotel we were exhausted so we sat him up alongside the front entrance to catch our breath. Then a hotel employee came along. We explained our problem to him and he told us to wait there – like we were going anywhere. He came back a couple of minutes later pushing a flatbed trolley-type thing they use to move furniture and supplies around. We all picked up Lloyd, dropped him on the trolley and wheeled him to the room. It?s too bad we didn?t have one of those trolly things about 20 minutes earlier.