funny drunk stories 207

The Spin Cycle

This happened to me during last year’s spring break. Me and my buddies got tickets to a concert in a town known for slutty college chicks. Needless to say, by the end of the concert we hooked up with some girls and got invited to their dorm rooms. After sneaking past the head-dorm guy, I sat down on the couch loaded, but not wasted yet. My buddy Kevin though, is a light-weight so he was puking by the sink all night. I decided to grab a Sambuka bottle and drink it straight from the bottle, till I felt queasy. This was around 4.00 am and I was the last man standing. So I tippied-toed over all the passed out guys and went to the toilet to puke my guts out. Then I went back to bed, thinking that no harm’s done

Next morning I was woken up by a scream, and I ran towards where it was coming from. It was one of the girls who lived in the dorm and she was in the laundry room. All her clothes (which were whites) were covered in puke!!! I vomited in the washing machine and thought it was the toilet bowl.

The funniest part was my friend Kevin was blamed coz they only saw him puking and he believed he was actually guilty since he couldn’t remember anything.