funny drunk stories 253

Caught in the Act

Well, one night my best friend invited us all to her house to drink. Her dad was real bad ass about us drinking at his house. Anyways, we were all drinking, playing pool, and just having a good time. Well I got hammered that night. I was pukeing all over the bathroom, it was disgusting. When everybody was either leaving or falling asleep, I started to hit on my best friends little sister (she was only a freshman at the time, I was a senior in H.S.). One thing led to another and we ended up in the computer room screwing on the floor. As I was about to finish up, I hear the door swing open. Her dad (who was around 6 foot, and at least 300lbs.) yells, “WHAT THE %@&$ ARE YOU DOING!!!” I answered “nothing.” then all I remember was getting thrown out the front door like a damn rag-doll without my shoes, jacket, watch, and my cap and hearing, “GET THE %$&* OUT OF MY HOUSE”. I even had the nerve to ask if I can get my stuff. I haven’t talk to my best friend since. At least the girl never got pregnant.