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There Goes One Pissed-Off Stripper

I was with my buddies one night at ‘The Cotton Club’ – the local strip bar taking in the shows, having a few and just generally having an enjoyable time. It was a Saturday night and ‘Hockey Night in Canada’ was on TV in the back corner but of course nobody was watching it. There was much more interesting things to look at. All of a sudden in the middle of one of the stripper’s routines somebody in the bar yells out ‘hockey fight’. We all swung around and sure enough, Toronto Maple Leafs tough guy Tie Domi was going at it. So for a few seconds everybody was watching the TV instead of the half naked women taking her clothes off in front of us. She was, of course, royally pissed off and stormed off the stage. She must have been from a part of the world that doesn’t understand that everything stops for a hockey fight. It made me to think of a good idea for a new show at a strip club though – catfights.