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Next Stop – First Floor

Part III of ‘The Puke Trilogy’ It was the last big party we’d ever have together. We had completed our course, written our final exam and this was the last bash before everybody went his or her separate ways. We packed up the sleeping bags, munchies and of course the booze and headed for Karen’s house just outside of town. We were partying like there was no tomorrow, stereo on 11, dancing and drinking and just overall going mad. Late the next morning everybody started waking up. A few of us were sitting around when Tony got up. His back was covered in puke. He was grossed out. He said he had gotten sick and puked out through the kitchen window but couldn’t figure out how it got on his back. Anyway a little while later Paul came down over the stairs dying hungover. He said that the last thing he could remember was throwing up out through the bedroom window. It wasn’t long before the mystery of the puke on Tony’s back was solved. The window Tony was puking through was directly beneath the window Paul was puking through. Paul had puked from the second floor and onto Tony’s back. Pretty disgusting.