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Pub Crawling

Part II of ‘The Puke Trilogy’ A crowd of us got together for a pub crawl a few years ago. We were divided into 5 teams with the objective being to see which team could drink the most after visiting 10 bars. Everything was going well until the eighth or ninth bar. By then I was hammered drunk, trying to do my part for our team but I couldn’t go on any further. I left the bar (on two people’s shoulders) and got (tossed) into a cab. We were nearly home and I told cab driver to step on it. He told me put your head out the window if I was going to get sick but I thought I could make it. I was wrong. I let out 3 or 4 big hurls and barfs. The driver started cursing and swearing and telling me off. When we hauled in he was both relieved and horrified to find out I had opened my coat and threw up inside it.