funny drunk stories 257


Part I of ‘The Puke Trilogy’ Darryl was one of the last of us guys to turn 19, the legal drinking age around here. Not that he’d never been drinking before, but it was a great excuse to take him out and celebrate. We picked one of our favorite clubs on George Street and off we went. The whole night we were whooping it up, partying and carrying on – and buying him all different types of drinks; beer, hard liquor, mixed ‘girlie’ drinks and even wine. But rather than say he’d had enough and look like a wuss he just kept drinking them and getting drunker and drunker. Eventually all he could do was sit at the table, barely able to lift his head to his next drink. A while later he had to go to the bathroom. So he was in sat on the can and all of a sudden ‘up she came’. There was no time to react or find a bucket – he puked right into the seat of his pants as they lay on the floor. It was around this time that he figured he’d had enough. So he pulled on his pants, puke and all, and went out and got a cab home.