funny drunk stories 258

Drinking and Sleeping in the Nude Don’t Mix

I was asked over to my girlfriend’s brother’s house one night for a few drinks and a little meet the family thing. Of course a few drinks turned into many drinks and him and I were up until nearly 4 o’clock loaded. I can barely remember going to bed. A few hours later I got up to the bathroom in the buff, because that’s how I sleep, forgetting where I was. I made it to the bathroom OK but on the way back I took the same route to my bedroom I’d take in my house and walked in on my girlfriend’s brother and his girlfriend. I closed the door as quick as I could and tried to figure out who were the strange people in my bed. I went back to the bathroom to get my bearings and tried it again and again I walked into their room. Now I started to panic, here I was with not a stitch of clothes on in nearly total darkness and I had no idea where I was. So I started feeling my way around the walls and found a doorknob and opened it. That was a closet. Then I found another doorknob, opened it up and walked in. Fortunately there was my missus asleep in the bed. I made it back at last. It’s a good thing I didn’t get lost BEFORE I found the bathroom.