funny drunk stories 259

Summer of Gary

One day Gary decided he was going to go to University and get an education, possibly to make more money to spend on beer. So April came and he registered for the summer semester and left home to start school. During the semester he didn’t open a book. He spend the whole summer drinking, partying and enjoying the sun. Along with all that he didn’t bother to shave or get a hair cut and he put on 60 pounds. So when the summer semester ended and he flunked out he had to move back home with his folks. He showed up on their door one day, the first time they’d seen him in 4 months, with a bushy black beard, hair down to his shoulders and he’d gone from weighing 135 pounds to 195 pounds. They didn’t even know who he was at first. That was the Summer of Gary. The Autumn of Gary wasn’t as much fun.