funny drunk stories 261

Caller 6 – You’re on the Air

We were sitting around one night, listening to a few tunes on the radio, having a few drinks and just relaxing. We started going through the dial to see what else was on and we came across a phone-in radio show. So Rance decides there’s something that’s always been pissing him off and he’s going to phone in. He staggers over to the phone and calls the number and finds out there’s just one guy ahead of him. But this guy goes on and on for about 10 or 15 minutes speaking passionately about something that could ruin the province. Finally he’s finished and the host tells Rance he’s on the air and the first thing Rance says is “I thought that guy was never going to shut up”. Off to a bad start. So Rance starts ranting about how the store across road sells beer but won’t take back empty bottles. Not the kind of thing they normally talk about on the show. So the host says it’s the store’s policy and they can do that if they want. And Rance says that his closet is full of empty beer bottles, he got nowhere to hang up his coat, there’s flies breeding in the bottles and that he’s going to have to rent a van to rid of them. So they go back and forth arguing for a while and even though it started out as a joke Rance started getting serious and in the end, like everybody who starts cursing on the radio – he got cut off. It’s too bad, he had a real good point.