funny fishing stories 038

Three blondes were sitting on the bank of a river. They each had a fishing pole and were concentrating on their lines.

A Game Warden drives by and sees the women fishing and decided to check for proper fishing licenses. He approached the women and asked to see their fishing licenses. Surprisingly, they all replied they did not have one.

Before the Warden could speak, one of the women spoke up and said, “Mr. Warden, sir, we are not fishing for your normal catch. We are environmentalists ridding the waters of garbage and other debris. We are not fishing for ‘fish’. We have poles, yes, but on the end of our lines we have magnets. The magnets are gathering up metallic debris from the bottom of this river. Therefore, we are cleaning the environment.”

The Game Warden thought for a moment. Unsure of the woman’s honesty, he asked the women to retrieve their lines and show him the magnets they were using. Sure enough, one after the other, the women showed the Warden various sized and colored magnets at the end of their line.

Puzzled, the Warden again thought for a moment then stated, “Well, you ladies seem to be doing a good thing. There is no law against cleaning up a riverbed with a magnet. More people should be as dedicated in cleaning up the environment. Have a nice day!”

The Warden walked back to his SUV and drove off. As soon as the Warden was out of sight, the women burst out in hysterical laughter.

Finally, when one of them was able to speak, she said, “Stupid Fish Cop!. Doesn’t he know there are STEALHEAD in this river?”