funny ghost stories 001

Earlier this year Rudolph Hess, one time deputy of Adolph Hitler, died after spending decades as the sole inmate of Spandau prison. Prior to his imprisonment in Spandau, Hess was held for two years in Britain at Mytchett Place. This property, located in Surrey, is reportedly up for sale for 650,000 British pounds. According to an article in Psychic News, London, there are “numerous reports of figures moving up and down the staircase, lights going on in locked rooms and photographs moving inexplicably.”

During his imprisonment at Mytchett Place, Hess attempted to commit suicide by hurling himself over the balcony into the hall below. Could the spirit of Rudolph Hess be haunting Mytchett Place? Most likely not as Hess himself is reported to have seen these visions while incarcerated there. Apparently Hess was not “spooked” by these visitations. He considered them to be instances of psychological warfare perpetrated by British Intelligence.