funny golf stories 057

A wealthy businessman, who was a notorious cheater when playing his beloved sport of golf, died and went straight to Hell. When he got to Hell, he was surprised to find himself on a golf course with well-manicured greens and the weather so perfectly cool and clear that it did not seem like Hell at all. At the first tee, he was greeted by Satan himself who gave him a complete set of golf clubs made of gold in a genuine leather bag with a golf tee also made out of gold.

Satan said, “You will spend an eternity here just playing golf to your heart’s content.”

The golfing enthusiast was so overjoyed that he took the leather bag full of golf clubs and set the golf tee in place only to find out that there were no golf balls around.

He said to Satan, “Hey what’s the idea? Where are the frigging golf balls?”

Grinning widely, Satan handed the golfer a golf ball the size of a basketball and said, “Welcome to Hell!”