funny golf stories 058

A man starts his confession by telling the priest he has sinned by cursing the Lord and taking his name in vain.

The priest, who is Irish, asks, “And tell me my son, What were the grievous and calamitous circumstances that caused you to curse God and use his name in vain?”

The sinner says,”Well, father, I was playing golf, and I was finishing the best round ever, when on the 18th tee my drive slices into the rough.”

“And surely, after playing such a magnificent round, that is what caused you to curse God.”

“No father, I lucked out and the ball landed on a bare spot. I took my 6 iron and swung and hit the ball well,it landed on the lip of the green and rolled into a sand trap below the green.

“And surely, my son, after escaping danger and making a wonderful second shot only to have the ball roll back into a trap is what caused you take the Lord’s name in vain.”

“No father, I took my s/w and I dug my feet in and I swung and sand and ball went into the air and the ball headed straight for the pin and hit the pole and bounced 2 feet from the hole.”

The priest asked, “Is this hole a par 4?”

“yes, father”, he says

“And you’re hitting your 4th shot 2 feet from the hole?”

“Yes, Father”

“Jesus Christ, man, did you miss the god-dammed putt?”