funny golf stories 059

One day a man with no tongue approched a threesome on the first tee of a golf course. He handed a card to the men that stated, “I am dumb as I have no tongue. I would like to join your threesome, making it a foursome”.

The first man looked at the card and said, “No problem”.

The second man looked at the card and said, “I have no problem with that”.

The third man looked at the card and exclaimed, ” No Way!! We have been a threesome for years and we don’t need some guy joining us and probably ruining things.”

The dumb man accepted this tirade and waved the threesome on their way. Two holes later a golf ball comes flying throught the air hitting the jerk member of the threesome in the back of the head. The blow knocked him to the ground, stunning him for several seconds. Jumping to his feet he angrily looked back to the see the dumb man on the tee box with four fingers thrust in the air and a grin on his face.