funny tech support stories 026

A common question users asked us at the help desk was how to find out how much time they’d spent on the ‘net that month. This was a fairly simple process; it just involved clicking through a bunch of links. We would walk the caller through the steps: from the Sympatico home page, click on the “Contact Us” button, then click on the link called “SaskTel Sympatico Technical Support”, and finally click on the link “Utilities”. At this point, they would be sitting at a page with a link on it called “Time On-Line Returned to Your Browser”. In order to follow this link, one has to be a Sympatico subscriber. Since the computers on our desks were simply on the SaskTel intranet, we couldn’t follow this link to walk them any farther. So we just assumed that the users shouldn’t have any problem figuring out where to go from there. Boy, were we wrong! About half of them would phone back five or ten minutes later, trying to figure it out. Most of them were apparently trying to interpret the hit counter at the bottom of the page as somehow representing their time on-line!