funny tech support stories 027

I took a couple calls like this one. The caller complained that she was getting knocked off the ‘net every now and then – she even managed to notice that she also always got a phone call at the same time. Of course, I then immediately asked her if she had call waiting. “No, I don’t think so,” she responded. Well, we can’t exactly call a client a liar, so I had to move on and try to find something else that might be causing the problem, like maybe a Supra Express modem. About a minute further into the call she interrupted me to say, “Just a minute, I have a beep. I’ll be right back.” Hmm, you don’t have call waiting, eh? After she finished with her other call (here’s a tip: disable your call waiting before phoning a help desk!), I politely suggested that maybe she should call the SaskTel business office and ask them whether she had call waiting.