funny true stories 00

Answering Machine

“Jani honey, will you set-up our new answering machine for us?” my mom asked with a sweet smile.

When the answer machines first came out…my parents didn’t quite understand how to make the recording and asked me to fix it up for them…well seemed everytime I came over I had to re-record the message for them and finally I said “this is the last time!!! you two need to learn how to do this for yourselves” well they being in their usual hurry….scooted out the door saying “of course dear” and me knowing that the next time I came over I’d have to re-record for them again….decided..this time I to do a funny….talking in my best Mae West voice…I said “Hello there (sounding very very sexy) Chris and Harry can’t come to the phone right now…..they’re upstairs, ….busy…if you know what I mean! so leave a message….. or…how ’bout you come over sometime”……(really making Mae proud…..butter would have melted in my mouth!)

Its’ pretty funny too…cause my mom missed getting the phone one day and when she picked up…the recording had started, so yelling to the caller she says “I’m here..just wait until the recording is complete” (cause she was upstairs and the machine down stairs and it was easier to just wait) so holding on to the phone…she hears…my funny message….when it was completed….she is screaming and saying very unkind things about her daughter…she was so embarrassed and had to explain to the caller that her very mean daughter had done this terrible thing…but the caller couldn’t hear her cause the caller was laughing so hard…the caller couldn’t hear!…and how do I know all this…cause it was all being recorded after the beep…which was saved for me to hear by my other sister!!!

Well…I never had to make a message for my folks again….now if you call…my sisters voice is on the recording….