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Maria & Steven both had big families to plan for. Between the families and friends there would be almost 400 guests to cater for. The logistics were to be like a military operation with the church on one side of Melbourne and the Reception house on the other. They needed 8 Limousines for the immediate family and bridal party, 3 individual photographers, and an even assistant priest who was to fly in from Spetses in Greece, and who had a childhood friendship with Maria?s mother.

Everything was organized, the caterers, the limousines, the photographers, the reception house and the entertainers. The only person who hadn?t turned up by this time was the guest priest. No one could make contact with him. The islanders thought that he had left Spetses but he hadn?t arrived in Australia.

With only three days to go before the big day, Maria?s mother finally got word from Spetses that he had been unconscious after falling heavily from a Donkey. Although not well he wanted to travel, but would not make it to Australia in time.

Maria & Steven wanted to postpone the wedding but they would have lost more than $20,000 in deposits. It was then when Maria?s father called Weddingsure and explained to us the predicament. We then were able to arrange a more expedient flight to Australia via Perth and we agreed to pay for a nurse to accompany the priest. A charter flight from Perth was organized by Weddingsure, which had the priest arriving into Sydney several hours before the ceremony. The ceremony and reception were both a success. Steven?s mother took out a Weddingsure policy almost 16 months before the wedding after reading about it in a bridal magazine.