funny wedding marriage stories 170

Rodney & Mimi wanted to do something extra special for their wedding day so they chose to exchange their wedding vows in a Hot Air Balloon. Rodney was always interested in Ballooning so it was he who organized the flight and the reception Barbecue afterwards.

It was a beautiful day flying low along the countryside with the blue sky rising behind them. The pilot and owner of the balloon turned out to be not all that experienced, and had trouble keeping the balloon aloft. Mimi became quite ill and nauseous and was unable to complete her vows, so Rodney asked the pilot to land the balloon.

It was coming down a bit too fast so the pilot applied the burners to gain altitude and in that process let out a thundering roar, but they were right above an ostrich farm. The ostriches went wild and fled in terror. As it turned out the chief breeder “Ozzie”, broke his neck on a fence. The farmer was really annoyed.

After an exchange of strong words, Rodney and Mimi completed their vows in front of their friends by the Barbecue. As the day went on the tension of the flight subsided until a guest let out an almighty groan and couldn?t speak properly. It turned out the ?barbecue? ran out of minute steaks for their steak sandwiches and without telling anybody replaced them with chops. Their guest had broken a tooth on a chop.

The broken tooth cost Rodney & Mimi just over $2,000.00 which Weddingsure?s Public Liability coverage paid for them. Just recently Rodney & Mimi have been joined as defendants responsible for the death of ?Ozzie?. Weddingsure is defending them and will protect them from a possible $50,000.00 claim. Imagine a start to married life without the insurance cover.