funny wedding marriage stories 171

A few months before Julie & Bob?s wedding, the reception house they booked wrote to them requesting a deposit of $5000.00 for food and beverages. As the big day got closer Julie, with her mother, decided to phone the reception house to organize the menu. To their surprise, the phone was disconnected. After a few days, Julie & Bob decided to drive over there to see what was going on. The doors were shut and the blinds drawn. Julie burst out in tears and Bob comforted her as they realized at that moment the reception house had gone broke and shut its doors.

No amount of searching for the owners could track them down, and Julie & Bob met up with other intending couples who were duped as well. One of these couples, Rochelle and John, told Julie & Bob that they had a Weddingsure policy that refunded their deposit and helped them rearrange another reception house for the same date.

Obviously this good news for Rochelle & John wasn?t that comforting to Julie & Bob. When Julie visited her mother a week or so later she mentioned the insurance to her. Julie?s mum said “yeah, we got one too”. Apparently Julie?s mum took out a Weddingsure policy when it was offered to her by that very reception house. Ironically, Julie?s mum didn?t tell her about it because she thought it might have been bad luck. A happy ending when Weddingsure refunded the deposit and helped find another reception house for that very special day.